found capture at 20021201133721 Sitemap This year’s features include Notorious C.H.O., a riotous comedic romp filmed at Seattle’s Paramount theatre with Margaret Cho at her unbridled, uncensored best (you can win tickets to see this closing night gala by entering here); Lifetime Guarantee: Phranc’s Adventures in Plastic, the tale of the lesbian punk folk singer who found her dreams selling Tupperware; director David Secter’s 1965 Winter Kept Us Warm, Canada’s first gay-themed film; Desiree Lim’s Sugar Sweet, a rare glimpse of Japanese urban dyke culture; The Business of Fancy Dancing starring Vancouver’s Evan Adams, a deep and evocative work that gives voice to the diversity of Native experiences in America; and Keeping it Real, the Tale of Greg Walloch, a gay comic with cerebral palsy, who moved to New York City to follow a dream: “[I want] to become the most beloved disabled performer in America.