How Can You Aspire to be That Large!

Reading the Ripley’s pages online I am shocked at some of the sites I see. When one woman is concerned about being treated as just another Annapolis celiac disease survivor. This should quite frankly be the last of her worries. She is labeled as the heaviest woman alive. Weighing in at 834 pounds she takes the title! But instead of worrying about getting the weight off or having diabetes, high blood pressure, or a heart attack; she is concerned with celiac disease! I was becoming increasingly irritated with her the more I read her story. She had an excuse for everything. The only reason you weigh over 800 pounds is from sheer neglect! Nothing more and surely nothing less. She admitted to eating over 10,000 calories a day! I think that the last thing she needs to concern herself with is a gluten free diet, maybe counting less calories would be a great start.

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