How Brian Kraft Changed my Life

I owe half of my film career to Brian Kraft. As a struggling and budding filmmaker in Kentucky, I had to find, using limited resources ways on how to improve in this chosen passion. It was never an easy task. I had to find a kind, equally passionate and patient mentor. I did not have a lot of them in our place particularly because the field of filmmaking is no common craft. That all rotated three-hundred-sixty degrees when I stumbled upon Brian’s YouTube channel. It offered private mentoring – just as what I want. He fits perfectly to my qualifications as his passion for the arts is equally emphatic to mine and his knowledge is way beyond the conventional methods of thinking and filming. He knows how the real world work. Brian has in his sleeves the tricks of the filmmaking trade. I will never come close to a mentor who will show me those tricks without hesitation. He also showed me connections to different movie houses so that my craft would soon feed me. And I admit that he did a good job there in establishing my connections. I was able to be employed in a film studio in California and I have never left the company since my first day. Brian is no ordinary teacher. He patiently taught me everything he knows about making quality films, in the entertainment and artistic standpoints. Truly, I owe half of this hell of an experience to him and I will forever be, indebted. 

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