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Fruit Salad - Thursdays @ 7pm on 102.7FM

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Welcome to Fruit Salad!

Join FRUIT SALAD for the Dessert Hour every Thursday @ 7PM.  "Airing Out" the  TransLesBiGay Community and Beyond!  Focusing on our organizations, musicians, writers, entertainers, families, community voices and events. 

Empowerment through sharing our views, talents and hearts.  102.7 FM and 102.9 Cable (Lower Mainland), various cable frequencies around B.C. and across Canada on Star Choice Channel 845. 

It's time to Shine Together, PROUDLY!

Oct 31st show.....

Boooooooooo!!! Join Fruit Salad this week as we bring you our TWO HOUR SPOOKY HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Spooky voices, Spooky stories, Sssscary politics, frightening music...Please consider pledging your SUPPORT to FRUIT SALAD's growth as we continue to AIR OUT the TransLesBiGay Community and beyond by calling in during the show at 604-684-8494.

COLLECT CALLS accepted during our twice yearly on air fundraisers! Thank-you for helping people powered, none commercial, multisexual, multicultural, community focused radio outreach continue to grow! NET STREAMING soon to be available!!

November 7th.....

As usual the first show of every month is when TransLesBiGay youth speak up and speak out! Please join us for a freshly squeezed perspective on our community and beyond!



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